Koster, Herman

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Country: Netherlands
Mission Project: Support

Herman started serving on the mission field in South Africa. After doing a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission he went to serve in the Dominican Republic and British Guyana. Herman his vision is: working together on hope for the future. When Herman knew his time in Guyana came to an end he saw a brochure of TWR with the slogan on the cover: ‘ You can give hope, join us’ . That slogan touched him because it matches with his vision. Back in the Netherlands he came in contact with TWR and since May 2021 Herman is serving in the office in the Netherlands. He works in the Europe Media Services department. For Herman it is great that in his administrative role he is part of a team that brings hope by spreading the gospel. What touches Herman is that the programs of TWR are not hindered by closed borders or closed doors. They bring the gospel where people can’t go!

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