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Here are the details:

  1. 1.   Your organization simply has to register and be approved for your fundraiser. Each organization can have two fundraisers per calendar year, each one lasting 90 days. In order to apply for a fundraiser, you must have an established account on

    Register Here

  2. 2.   The contact person will be asked to fill out additional information listing the member names of their organization. Unique Fundraiser codes will be provided for each member so the sales of each group member can be tracked. This information is accessible only to the person who registered the Fundraiser by logging into to their account on They will also be asked the start and stop dates they would like for their fundraiser.
  3. 3.   After review, and at the total discretion of management, the person completing the New Fundraiser request will be notified of approval and the group will be listed on the site as an approved fundraiser.
  4. 4.   On the first of the month after the fundraiser ends you will receive a check for 75% of the profit. This is the portion of the profit that would go to Trans World Radio but for this 90-day period it will be redirected to your organization. 25% of the profit will go to the missionary designated by the customer.
  5. 5.   Your Fundraiser group members simply provide potential customers with their unique Fundraiser code and instruct people to go to to purchase coffee. Their customers will be asked to select a Missionary of choice to support, then begin shopping for coffee. During the checkout process, they can enter your group members unique fundraiser code in the space provided. This unique code will ensure your group gets 75% of the profit and also gives credit to your specific fundraiser participant. The customers missionary of choice will receive 25% of the profit. To request discount code cards, please use the "Contact Us" form.
  6. 6.   The person who registered the fundraiser can log onto their account on anytime to view the progress of the Fundraiser. They will be able to see total group sales and group profit earned as well as each group members total sales, profit earned and percentage of total profit.
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