Bekx, Samuël & Ximena

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Country: Netherlands
Mission Project: Support

After years of mission experience with Operation Mobilization (OM), Samuël & Ximena Bekx joined the TWR Europe and CAMENA team in 2020. Samuël is the HR Recruiter for TWR Europe and CAMENA and is involved in the recruitment and mobilization of European Christians for worldwide TWR projects, with the ultimate goal that people everywhere will hear the gospel. Samuël is passionate about placing people in the right role in order to reach that goal. What excites Samuël and Ximena most about TWR is the fact that the gospel comes via radio and other media into someone’s home, especially into areas and places where it is not possible to go as a missionary. People are not only reached with the gospel, but they have the opportunity to be grounded in their faith with solid Biblical teaching. As result, house churches are started, disciples are made and the gospel multiplies!

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